Magnesia Cupels

SRS Global Trading is engaged in manufacturing and trading of quality magnesia refractory cupels and bullion blocks in the domestic and international customers.

We manufacture Magnesia Cupels of various standard sizes and can be customized as per demands of the client's specifications/ requirements/needs.

We offer superior quality magnesia refractory cupels and bullion blocks with most competitive pricing, which are made from high grade raw materials (dead burnt magnetite / Magnesium Oxide) and special fluxing ingredients. Our products are used in gold mining, fire assaying of precious metals, hallmarking centres, gold refineries, gold bar manufacturers and other laboratory testing purpose.

We manufacture and supply fire assay cupels (also referred to as magnesia cupels) in the following sizes;

• 6A

• 7A


Some Of The Features Of Our Fire Assay Cupels Are Listed Below

• Not affected by atmospheric changes

• Robust Mechanical Strength

• Rapid absorption of large quantity of litharge

• All Cupels can absorb approximately 70% of their weight in ‘Gms'

• Thoroughly tested

• Free from Cracking and Pitting

• No Spitting of Lead

• Consistently low losses

• Our cupels are made of high grade Magnesium Oxide and other special binding materials

• Reduced tendency to freeze