HDPE Pipes

SRS GT can deliver complete package solutions covering everything from design and construct, to install and maintain, including transport, handling and earthworks, operate and decommission. We have one of the largest HDPE welding machine fleets in South Africa. The fleet of welding machines used extend from traditional manual, manual hydraulic and electric hydraulic to remote controlled and self-propelled units that enable low and high pressure welding.

We primarily service the municipal water, rural and mining industries. Our expertise includes HDPE pipe welding (butt and electro fusion), steel and PVC pipeline installation.

While pipe welding is the foundation of our business, over the years we've developed the expertise to do much more than that. We've regularly managed water related projects including bore field development and dewatering solutions. With proven experience, versatility and skills, we're well equipped to deliver turnkey solutions and project management services to clients around South Africa.