Fire Assay Crucibles

SRS GT has been manufacturing fire assay crucibles since 2000. Our crucibles are multi trip, with clients routinely reporting four to five fusions from each crucible. In fact independent test results have shown 15 of 50 SRS fire assay crucibles still viable after 15 fusions.

Our clients include large laboratory groups, some of the largest mining companies in the world and small independent operators, all of whom demand a reliable and well-priced fire assay crucible.

SRS assay crucibles come in the following sizes: 30, 40, 50, 55 and 65 gram styles, and are sold in sturdy heat treated pine crates. We export to many inaccessible places in the Southern Africa. We can arrange every detail of shipping for you or you can nominate your own forwarder to handle your shipments of crucibles.

We welcome your enquiry for any of our crucibles, and indeed all types of fire assay supplies including our SRS GT cupels and fire assay fluxes of all types.

You will also find here crated quantities, nominal external dimensions and volumes for all SRS GT fire assay crucibles.

Best Quality

We, at SRS, deeply believe that each application / customer has its own & specific need. This calls for innovation in design, understanding the specific need of each client, capability to translate all this into reality through Process System Engineering.

Since inception, these aspects are our way of life at SRS. No aspect of a plant is too minor to be ignored. System controlled production process ensures the quality and desired perfections in the product. Raw Materials and production processes are designed to achieve the best of above and adjusted specifically for specific applications.

Best quality Raw materials like Silicon Carbide, Natural Flaky Graphite, Ferro Silicon, Silicon Metal, Resin, Coal tar Pitch, Clay, Borax, Boric Acid, High Temperature Frits etc. are from selected local sources as well as imported to achieve high standard set by the company.

Special Crucibles can be made to meet any demands of any kind. Our strength lies in quality up gradation through Customer's participation