SRS Global Trading Is A South African Company Specializing In Producing Plant Material Organic Fertilizer

For export and local use in an eco-friendly manner that does not involve the use of fire, burning or re-dumping waste onto land fields to help reduce global warming, carbon footprints, controls inflation, and increase GDP.

SRS Fertilizer comprise of a considerable amount of organic matter combined to reasonable level of macro- and micronutrients from natural sources.

It's the ideal stimulation for the soil flora and plant health productivity. Increased water- and nutrient absorption result in a slow release of nutrients over six (6) months period, guaranteeing 25% increase in yield.

Several trials conducted on farms, laboratories, by horticulturist in Ghana and overseas on different plants and crops such as; maize, rice, soya, lettuce, cabbage, yam, cocoyam, pepper, pineapples, banana, potatoes, olives, (etcetera) with excellent results.

Fertilizer Composition