Assay Flux

We produce fluxes to client's recipe, or from our range on standard flux recipes, most notable the general purpose flux: F104.

Our obsession with quality raw materials first and computer controlled blending equipment, means you can rely absolutely on SRS fire assay fluxes.

Our key raw material, litharge, is assayed prior to leaving the factory to us. It is analysed again on arrival at our factory. All batches of finished flux are assayed again and a certificate of analysis is available upon request.

Flux is packed in 15kg bags, one tonne to a crate. We can also pack your flux into plastic pails, or bulk bags as you direct.

We will also supply a Material Safety data Sheet for all custom fluxes.

When you want a 100% reliable Fire Assay flux, with consistent buttons and prills, no lumps and a very competitive price.


• Key Characteristics are listed below:

• Every tonne of our flux is assayed prior to release

• Our fluxes are reliable – no lumps, consistent button/prill size

• Low gold specification available

• Fast, reliable service

• Produced to your recipe or ours

• Choice of SAFE packaging (standard in 15kg plastic bags)

• Low dust assay flux

SRS also manufactures mixers to complement the flux dispenser. The mixers feature variable speed drives, brake motors, built-in timers and automatic level parking. A major benefit of this system is the rapid transfer of the fluxed crucibles onto the next step in the assay process. A specially designed hydraulic trolley is used to load both flux dispenser and mixer, and the tray of crucibles rolls in and out of each machine quickly and easily.